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Skill Training "Communication"

34 participants, 26/10/2007, Otterburn Hall

" All activities seemed to provide excellent vehicles for communication and teambuilding. Those views being supported during evening feedback sessions by all staff." Manager

"All teams worked well together. Very proud of the input from everyone. BECKs staff very good and worked well with STL staff. Thank you for a good experience."
A. Barkas, Manager and Event Organiser

"It was a great and uplifting experience to receive so much encouragement and praise from my team mates during archery."

"Raft bvuilding: A lot of trust was put in all team members, because of the implications if it did not work..."

"Well designed and varied. Thought provoking. A fantastic experience."

3M UK ltd. "Working Smart"

32 participants, 18-19/10/2007, Weardale Hs.

"Excellent event. I have total confidence in BECKs delivering excellent sessions. As always: excellent planning and organisation of the event. Very constructive review sessions."
S. Murray, Team Manager

"Bit daunting at first but made a lot more sense after getting our hands dirty. Having the break and opportunity to go for 2nd attempt was very rewarding to see our ideas bear fruit. Good fun too."

"Our best task was raft building which went very well and I could see us putting into practice what we’d learned the previous day – meaning less effort for good outcome."

"During the second attempt of our Water Transport Challenge we refined our original idea, correct resources and WON!"

"My main learning outcome of the event was: To take time to identify skills and resources available and spend time to plan before commencing a project."

Cerres "Team Event"

13 participants, 08/10/2007, Deneholme

"Excellent! Thanks for being patient with us! Very enjoyable day." R. Parfitt, Event Organiser

"Good range of challenges, fun, everyone really enjoyed taking part."

"Problem Solving activities were fun & showed importance of teamwork."

"Good fun! Never done it before and enjoyed it immensely."

"A good challenge for people, something out of the ordinary."

"Excellent challenge, much more clearly identified team roles and time pressure was just right."

3M UK ltd. "Stretch yourself"

8 participants, 19/09/2007, Deneholme

"I am very happy with the day, my aims and objectives were met." M. Simpson, HR Manager

"I now have more confidence in working as a team member and making valuable contributions."

"The day helped me to see my skills and many areas where I can improve/develop."

"The raft building was fab, but the search & rescue scenario was the best team building exercise I have ever done."

"What have I learned today: I can take the role of a team leader and inspire confidence in others, but I sometimes find it difficult to give orders to my seniors."

"Leadership confidence gained in the raft building exercise. Inspired me to accept the leader role when asked in the last exercise."

ONE North East, Legal Team

16 participants, 07/09/2007, Deneholme

"I was very happy with the planning and organisation of the event. The organisers were in regular contact and quickly responded to my questions. The activities were excellently led by Linda and Tony, the equipment provided was 1st class and we will definetly be using BECKs Training again for future team events!"
J. Glendinning, Event Organiser ONE Legal

"Operation Nimrod was a very challenging task, but again promoted effective planning and team work."

"Really enjoyed the Tyrolean Traverse, never done anything like this before and I can't believe nearly everybody has done it."

"The activities were a completely new experience, well planned exercises for everybody to engage in."

"Very comfortable and relaxed venue with great home cooked food."

"Could not think of any improvements, excellently run course with very good instructors."


15 participants, 27/07/2007, Deneholme

"The event was profesionally planned and organised - both prior and during the competition. Chris and Linda did a great job facilitating the event in a authoritative and fun manner. The feedback we received afterwards was very positive - most of our staff had not participated in archery before and it was a good, friendly & competitive team building event.
We would be happy to recommend BECKs Development Training and will be using them in the future for our staff events. Thanks for your help in giving us a great, fun afternoon."
G. Ramsay, Director & Office Manager

"Thanks very much for organising the archery competition last Friday - it looks as though it was a big hit with everyone and they all seem to have enjoyed it." E. Dawson, PA to G. Ramsay

Anchor Staying Put

25 participants, 26/07/2007, Close House

"Absolutely nothing to improve. Thank you Tony, Linda & Chris for facilitating an excellent day. I’ve overcome my fear of 'Teambuilding'!"
"Today was absolutely fantastic, wish it could last longer."

"The ballista challenge was really something, made you aware how much you need to work together as a team."

"Enjoyed activities very much, especially physical tasks in the morning. Everyone in team pulled together to complete task successfully."

"Operation Nimrod worked well and encouraged leadership. Especially the code cracking was great!"

Yorkshire Water

21 participants, 24/07/2007, Jubilee Centre

"Fantstic Event. Good diversity of tasks, great fun team building, excellent team building opportunities. I would definitely use BECKs Development Training again and also recommend them to other teams."
D. Thresh, Team Manager and Event Organiser

"Great fun. Got the team thinking in a different way and it was an excellent combination of activities."

"It would be difficult to recommend any improvement. This was probably the best team building day I have attended. Thank you for the training!"

"Achieved our objectives with key learning points identified."

"A full day would have been even better than half a day (but that’s not BECKs fault)."

"Very good activities, allows for contributions from each participant. Good for teambuilding and all good fun."

Woodlands Health Care

11 participants, 13/06/07, Otterburn Tower

"Very happy with the event. I was extremely positive when we met up before the event, but you exceeded all my expectations. A really good afternoon and I think everyone got a lot out of it." J. Evans, Event Organiser, HR

"The team has worked extremely well together and proved that they are a great team." Team Manager

"Excellent challenges to work together. Range of activities allowed all team members to participate."

"It’s a shame we only booked you for half a day, I feel we could have filled a day full of your activities. Tasks were complex and different and tested the team in their different strengths and weaknesses."

"Useful “lessons” with transferable learning & growing team effort as event progressed."

ASDA "Contact Centre Team" Adventure Caving Trip

12 participants, 22/02/07, Long Churn Cave

"Although the actual caving itself was far more challenging than I ever expected it really enabled the team to pull together and support each other, which was my objective."
J. Airey, Contact Centre Manager

"Quality of instruction was pitched at just the right level - not patronising, not to vague. Information given inside the cave was again spot on."

"We had a superb day, it was a fantastic experience for all of us and I would highly recommend choosing caving for a team build and using BECKs Training again."
IMMI "All staff" Team Building

18 participants, 22/11/06 - 23/11/06,
18 participants, 29/11/06 - 30/11/06
Deneholme, Allendale

"Fantastic communication with BDT prior to the event, great advice on the activities that suited all abilities!" C. Dreyer, HR Manager

"Everyone got stuck in and worked well in their teams!"

"Before this training, it was "them, the office staff" and "us, the floor staff" but now it is "we, the staff" all around! I cannot believe what a change two days have made!"

"I have more confidence in my team members, after seeing them achieving challenging tasks!"

"I would always come back to BECKs Training!"
"I know everyone just that all important little bit better that will make a huge difference!"

"A great two days, lots of fun. Found that I could do tasks that I thought I could not."


3 M "Operation Team" Project (1)
20 participants, 02/10/06 - 03/10/06, Deneholme, Allendale

"This team building event exceeded my expectations, excellent selection of tasks, pitched at exactly the right level." S. Murray, Manager and Organiser of the event

"The activities were spot on right. The place crash scenario was my favourite as we worked in small groups on interesting tasks and in the end presented our achievement to the large group."

"I thoroughly enjoyed all the tasks, but especially like the challenge of the gorge crossing."

"The best thing was the wide variety of tasks, some physical, some more mentally challenging. Everybody got involved and contributed to success."

"The feedback sessions were very interesting and not too long. They provided us some valuable learning points."

3 M "Operation Team" Project (2)
18 participants, 04/10/06, Deneholme, Allendale

"Very good selection of activities. The day went very well, I am very pleased with the outcomes!" S. Bainbridge, Team Manager

"We learned the importance of respect and trust at work! And also how important it is to encourage and praise each other for a job well done."

"It emphasised the importance of listening to each other while planning a task. Sometimes the best ideas come from the quiet ones..."

"I got to know people I have worked with for years from a completely new perspective. New strengths have been revealed. Amazing what you can do in just two days!"

"Extremely good course, highly recommendable. I hope to see you again!"

ONE North East Teambuilding Event

30 participants, (17/07/06) at Close House

"The Trainers of BECKs Development Training have been encouraging, supportive and approachable. They showed us that as a team, we can succeed!"

"It has been an excellent day! We have proven that we can work as a team. It was a good balance of learning, thinking & fun!"

"We have learned that issues don't always have to be overcomplicated. The activities also really built up the trust between colleagues!"

"The Running A is a great, energetic exercise, it made us realise, that thinking before acting can be the key to success!"
NHS Trust Teambuilding Event

26th July 2006 River Tyne

"All of us were raving about our trip the next day, we all had such a fantastic time - greatly enjoyed by all." Mel Cartlidge

"Thank you again for the day, it has been brilliant!"

ONE North East City Rally

20 people, (12/07/06) Newcastle upon Tyne

"A great event. Challenging and fun. Good locations in the city: Top of Grey's Monument, the castle keep, millennium bridge... excellent!"

"I got to know my team members much better. Hidden similarities and shared interests or hobbies were discovered. This will improve our working atmosphere a lot! Thank you!"

"I loved the competitive context."

"It only took a day to build closer personal relationships with other members of the team."