BDT Teambuilding Challenges include:

Jigsaw Challenge
The team is challenged to retrieve as many jigsaw pieces as possible in order to form the “big picture” at the end of the day. They will do that by completing problem solving activities, each focussing on different learning outcomes: From communication to leadership, from creativity to efficiency.

Survival of All
The Situation is as follows: a group of keen hikers took part in an organised expedition when their experienced guide was killed by a venomous snakebite. The group has to complete certain tasks in order to guarantee their survival until a rescue party will find them.

The team task is to solve a murder. There are 20 clues to identify all the players in this drama. These clues are available from the trainers at a cost of 500 Pounds each. Money can be earned by participating in various indoor or outdoor activities.

Project Babylon
The team is challenged to design and build a river crossing, which will get the entire team safely across a raging torrent. The scenario is a “special agent mission” in which the participants try and retrieve items from the far side in order to achieve the main goal.

Mirror Image Treasure Hunt
The team will be provided with a selection of pictures of certain landscapes within a defined area. They will have to navigate to the exact point and take the same picture with every group member in the photograph.

Contract Raft
The team is split into two teams. Both teams are challenged to design and build a raft which will carry the whole team on a journey across a lake. Finally, as soon as the raft is completed, the teams get on the water and will have to paddle to certain destinations in order to pick up prize items.

Operation Construct
Two teams are based on two different sides of a river. One team has
the responsibility of building a vehicle and one team builds a bridge in order to get the vehicle across a river. They are provided with a range of resources and tools to achieve this task.

...and many many more - please get in touch to arrange and design the perfect team building challenge for your team!