Search & Rescue Scenario

Just as it is getting dark your team receives a worrying fax/phonecall. Locally a young hiker has gone missing and is believed to have had an accident on his walk in the fells.
It is your team’s responsibility to find and rescue the young man as quickly, as professionally and as efficiently as possible.
From stretcher building, to designing search patterns to administration of first aid – a full team effort is required.

Night-time Treasue Hunt

Head torches, maps, compasses and a short introduction in night navigation is all your team will get before setting off on a night-time mission in the dark.

Check points en route will provide hot drinks and the all important clues that will get your team to their next destination. Depending on fitness level and motivation within the group these treasure hunts can last from 30 minutes up to 2 hours and can include river crossings, a tree climb or an abseil in the dark. What an adrenaline filled activity that usually provides bags full of memorable moments for the entire team.


This can be quite a short 20 to 40 minute fun activity and it doesn't have to be pitch black dark as we are just using blindfolds.

The idea is to follow a rope through the forrest, under, over and through obstacles along the way. The team will pass information from the front to the back of the line, so that people are aware of what's coming up.

A fantastic task, providing an excellent vehicle for the build up of trust and improevemtn of communication in any team.


The above activities can be delivered at any venue, as long as it is set in the countryside with woodland and footpaths available.