We offer three different types of Murder Mystery Events:

  1. Activity Murder Mystery
  2. Interactive Murder Mystery
  3. Formal Murder Mysery

 Activity Murder Mysery

The team challenge is to answer the all important question of “Whodunit?” They will get closer and closer to the truth by participating in teambuilding and problem solving activities which – if completed successfully – are rewarded with clues to the mystery. These activities can be based indoors or outdoors and can varry from resolving mind teasers correctly to building a paper bridge under time pressure... A competitive, fun event!

Interactive Murder Mysery

After receiving an invite to join our Murder Mystery Night and also a character description and short plot outline prior to the event and guests are asked to join appropriately dressed for the setting and their individual character. Every guest is a suspect and follows a “hidden agenda” during the event.
A few “guests” are our actors and ensure the smooth running of the event and creation of the right atmosphere.

We require between 3 and 6 guest characters to play a part in our Interactive murder Mystery.

Formal Murder Mysery

On arrival, guest will be introduced to the story line and greeted in a fashion as if they were the team of detectives. Later, a body is discovered and the detectives will be let into the crime scene room in groups of 8-12 to investigate and hunt for hidden clues. As the evening progresses, more and more clues, such as eye witness reports or the murder weapon and a forensic report are discovered and the detective teams discuss and reveal their suspects.

Our combination of interactive improvisation and scripted scenes means guests are free to get involved as little or as much as they like, creating the perfect blend of fun, involvement and theatre to provide entertainment to die for!

Murder Mystery Venues:

Shepherd's Dene


Matfen Hall
Otterburn Hall
Close House
Longhirst Hall