BECKs Maze

Join in our popular Games Show; compete in small teams to win the ultimate prize.

6 Tasks lie ahead of you, each team using the different skills and abilities amongst them  to score maximum points.
Questions around a new product, perhaps new organisational structures or the particular competitive market will make an appearance as well as the newest developments in Coronation Street.

Sample Tasks

Team Name, Jingle & Slogan/Phrase

Every Team will select a team name; create a team jingle which they will present to the rest of the team and a catching slogan.

Company specific and Contemporary Quiz

A hilarious mix of serious and not so serious questions, some will leave your staff team puzzled, others rather blushed... A wide range of knowledge is helpful: from latest company statistics to the closest guess on Britains largest tongue.

Paper Bridge

Each team will receive resources, consisting of paper, straws and charged with the task to construct a bridge covering a certain distance which will be able to support the remote controlled car crossing it.


One person must explain several words to the rest of the team without using words or hand signals. Great fun to watch!

Human Knot

The team will be knotted together and their task is to undo the knot without cheating. Which team will be the fastest to solve the problem.

Taboo Challenge

One person explains to their team the following blue words without using any of the red words or using any hand signals or tunes or pictures or letters. You have 3 minutes!

Our BECKs Maze can be delivered in any public house, restaurant, hotel, conference room or basecamp as long as tables & chairs are available as well as a private room away from the crowd. Please get in touch to find out how our BECKs Maze can be tailored to your wishes.